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2021 gift ideas

It’s the home stretch for finding Christmas gifts!

Like every year, you go in search of original and unique gifts to please your loved ones.

And maybe you are still missing some ideas to finish filling your hood?

Do not panic ! We’ve all been there …

And when we finally come across a garment that will please her/him … what size to choose, what color …

So here we are with our selection of some timeless models for men and women.

See selection !

We start with tiny prices …

We don’t necessarily have hundreds of dollars to put in our Christmas presents.

So here are some ideas for less than 50 €, which will make you happy.

Far from being gadget ideas, these products will delight their recipient and accompany them for years to come …

The pompom hat!

A great classic, yes, but stylish!

At Skidress it comes in 3 timeless colors: navy, white and beige.

It is made of wool mixed with cashmere, in other words, of incomparable softness to keep the head warm, look good, and absolute comfort.

See our Cashmere beanies here

A stylish sleeve

Winter promises to be harsh? No problem with this ultra practical sleeve, which turns into a pouch thanks to 2 small zips.

Available in several colors

See all the sleeves from Skidress collection


A sweater yes, but no Christmas 😉

Yes Christmas sweaters, it’s nice for the souvenir photo, but less easy to wear every day!

We have selected your favorite sweaters from the Skidress collection, let’s go …

Charlotte Sweater

It has it all.

Warm, elegant, cozy: how not to fall in love with this sweater?

Available in 2 colors.


What a look this Forty-one sweater!

Close-fitting cut, V-neck, tricolor braid …

This great timeless classic leaves no room for lack of taste.

See the sweater Quarante-et-un

How about a jacket to wear all year round?

It is not because it is winter that we should offer a “seasonal” product.

A nice jacket to wear all year round is also a great gift idea, don’t you think?

For women…

Skidress offers a whole collection of all-season sweater and jackets, but the Inès model, available in beige this year, will delight young ladies and ladies who have style!

Wear it casual over jeans or wear it with a skirt for a trendy look.

We love !

The Inès jacket

For men

To be worn closed like a sweater, or open over a T-Shirt for a casual look, the Fred overshirt is an essential piece of the male wardrobe.

Fred overshirt

Do you want to mark the occasion with a beautiful garment?

Buying a winter jacket or jacket is a big purchase.

If you decide to give it as a Christmas present, there is no doubt that you will make people happy 🙂

Find below our selection of men and women jackets

All the Christmas selection

If you don’t have any ideas, browse the entire Christmas Skidress selection.

What to find gift ideas, from less than 50 € up to 300 €.

This selection of clothes and accessories for men and women will certainly delight your husband, daughter, niece or son-in-law!

A pretty garment that looks good is always a pleasure

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays.

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