Fabrice zip-up mock-neck sweater


Discover the Fabrice zip-up mock-neck sweater, an elegant mock-neck sweater with zip closure.

With its double bicep stripes and contrasting chest pocket, this sweater offers modern, functional styling for men seeking comfort and character.

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The Fabrice zip-up mock-neck sweater is a must-have for men who want to combine elegance and practicality. Its funnel neck, combined with a zipper closure, creates a modern, sophisticated look, while offering you the possibility of adjusting your comfort according to your preferences.
Made with quality materials, this sweater is composed of 48% polyester, 37% wool and 15% polyamide, with fabric sourced in Italy. The recycled wool used in its manufacture ensures natural warmth while contributing to respect for the environment.
The Fabrice sweater is designed for active men looking for versatile mid-season and winter styling. Its double bicep stripes add a touch of character and modernity, while the contrasting chest pocket adds a functional and practical touch.

Thanks to the TecnoWool technology used in this sweater, you benefit from optimal thermal regulation, keeping you comfortably warm on chilly days while preventing overheating.
This zip-up mock-neck sweater goes well with a variety of outfits, from jeans for a chic casual look to dressy pants for an evening out.
Opt for the Fabrice zip-up mock-neck sweater and add a touch of modernity and comfort to your mid-season and winter wardrobe.

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